Rpp Pembelajaran Learning Cycle 5e Smp Kelas 7

LEARNING MATHEMATICS WITH ELICITING ACTIVITIES MODEL BASED ON SCAFFOLDING TO IMPROVE HARD WORK CHARACTER AND PROBLEM SOLVING ON THE MATERIAL OF THREE DIMENSIONS Erwin Ridha Ardhi1,2), Y. L. Sukestiyarno1), Rochmad1) 1)Postgraduate of Elementary Education Department Semarang State University 2)SMA NU Al Ma’ruf Kudus ABSTRACT Learning math has been generally more focused on the teacher , so that interaction is limited and passive students. Student-centered learning provide a space for students to actively construct knowledge. That can happen if the device is supported learning jujur and in accordance with the characteristics of the students. With the implementation of MEAs learning software development that emphasizes the ability to connect mathematical ideas and benaran phenomena through the scaffolding. This study aimed to: (1) determine the characteristics and mathematical learning devices in the form of learning syllabus (LS), lesson plan (LP), student’s worksheet (SW), student’s book (SB), and a valid problem solving ability test (PSAT), (2) achieve an effective mathematics teaching, (3) describe characteristics of the development of learning mathematics. This study refers to the sempurna development Thiagarajan: (1) definition, (2) design, (3) development. Learning device prototype learning device 1st was validated and revised in accordance with the input from validators to be a prototype 2nd, and it was tested on the test class to seek input into revising the learning device prototype 2nd to prototype 3rd (final prototype). The learning tryout was conducted to students of SMA NU Al Ma’ruf Safi in grade X consisting of 10 classes. By taking technique classes randomly chosen class X-8 as a test grade. The Data were taken from validation sheet, observation, interviews, and tests, and were processed with completeness test, regression influence test, comparisons test, and kebobrokan solving ability improvement test. The results showed: (1) LS score of 3,727; LP 3,783; SW 3.475; SB 3,800; PSAT 3,633 in the range of 14 showed that it was already categorized teruji, (2) The effectiveness was indicated by: (a) the number of students teaching score higher than 70 was 93,33%; (b) the student hard work and problem solving skills as much as 91,2% of the ability ki aib solving; (c) the average ki kesulitan solving ability of MEAS class was 81.33 > the control class was 58,70; and (d) the student hard work, keburukan solving skills, and komplikasi solving ability of students increased from the mean of pre-test post-test 28,27 into 81,33. Based on the results of this research, it is highly recommended that MEAs Model based on scaffolding is developed for other materials of geometry subject. Keyword: MEAs Model, scaffolding, problem solving.

Source: https://www.academia.edu/47425586/Pengembangan_Rencana_Pelaksanaan_Pembelajaran_RPP_Matematika_Berbasis_Model_Learning_Cycle_7E_untuk_Siswa_Kelas_V_Sekolah_Dasar