Mata Pelajaran Ujian Nasional Smp Mts 2004


    Tentamen Kebangsaan SMP/MTs Tahun Pelajaran 2008/2009

    Indra penglihatan Pelajaran

    Mata Cak bimbingan : Bahasa Inggris Tinggi : SMP/MTs


    Perian/Tanggal : Selasa, 28 April 2010 Jam : 08.00 – 10.00

    Ramalan UMUM

    1. Isikan identitas Kamu ke n domestik Lawe Jawaban Testing Nasional (LJUN) yang tersedia dengan

    menunggangi pensil 2B sesuai petunjuk di LJUN.

    2. Hitamkan bulatan di depan label mata ujian lega LJUN.

    3. Tersedia musim 120 menit buat mengerjakan selongsong tes tersebut. 4. Jumlah tanya sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir pertanyaan terwalak 4 (catur) saringan jawaban. 5. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya. 6. Laporkan kepada inspektur eksamen apabila terletak benang tanya nan kurang jelas, rusak, alias tidak transendental. 7. Mintalah kertas bentuk kepada pengawas ujian, bila diperlukan. 8. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika atau alat bantu hitung lainnya. 9. Periksalah pekerjaan Beliau sebelum diserahkan kepada supervisor ujian.

    10. Sutra soal tidak dapat dicorat-coret.

    Questions 1 to 3 are based on the text.

    Have you ever visited a place which made

    you want to stay forever?

    I have. Last year, I went to Situ Cileunca.

    At first, I thought the place was only the same

    as other places in Bandung. But I was very

    surprised to find that it was the most beautiful

    place Ive ever visited.

    There were fantastic meadows, a lake,

    and a river. The meadow was very large. In

    the middle of the meadow there were many

    cows and sheep. All the animals were fat and

    healthy because they could easily get some

    grass in that large meadow. At the edge of the

    meadow, there was a small river. The water in

    the river was very cold. But, the sound of the

    streaming water was good to hear, especially

    in the evening.

    Not far away from the herd of cattle, there

    was a lake. The lake wasnt too big, but it was

    very beautiful. The water was very clear and

    clean. We could see many fish in the lake. The

    most amazing thing was the water itself. It was

    not cold although the weather around was

    extremely freezing.

    Unfortunately, I stayed there for just three

    days because we had to go back to Jakarta. But

    I have promised myself to come back later. 1. What does the writer tell you about?

    A. Visiting fantastic meadows.

    B. Living in Situ Cileunca. C. Seeing many fish in the lake. D. Visiting Danau Cileunca.

    2. What does the paragraph three tell us



    A. The beauty of the lake.

    B. The weather around the lake. C. The fish in the lake. D. The water in the river.

    3. Why was the writer very surprised?

    A. The place was exceptional.

    B. The weather around the lake was cold. C. The fish in the lake was beautiful. D. The water was warm.

    Read the following text and answer questions

    4 to 7.

    Do you know that a giraffe may grow more

    than six metres tall? Yes, the giraffe is a very

    tall animal. In fact, it is the tallest animal in the


    A giraffe has a very long neck.

    Unfortunately, the giraffe cannot bend its neck

    easily. Thus, when it wants to drink water at

    a pool, the giraffe has to spread its front legs

    apart. So, it can reach the water.

    A giraffe feeds on plant only. Hence, it can

    reach the leaves on trees easily because of its

    height. Also, a giraffe has a very long tongue

    – about 0.5 metres long. The giraffe uses this

    long tongue skillfully to pick leaves off plants

    and trees.

    This tall animal can protect itself very well.

    It has a very good sense of smell and sight. It

    can hear very well, too. Finally, it can gallop

    very fast at a speed of 50 km.p.h.

    The giraffes hind legs and long neck are

    also very useful. For example, a giraffe can

    kick its enemy with its hind legs or even hit

    out with its long neck.

    4. What does a giraffe use to kick its enemy?

    A. Front legs. C. Hind legs.

    B. Bent neck. D. Long tongue.

    5. What can a giraffe do with its height?

    A. It may grow more than six metres tall.

    B. Its legs must be spread apart for drinking.

    C. It is able to reach the leaves on the trees.

    D. It can gallop at speed of 50 km.p.h.

    6. What does the text tell us about?

    A. The protective animal.

    B. The height of giraffe. C. The giraffe long tongue. D. Giraffe in general.

    7. … can protect itself very well. (paragraph

    4) What does the underlined word mean?

    A. Having serious attention.

    B. Keeping safe from danger.

    C. Increasing in height. D. Taking care seriously.

    Read the text and answer questions 8 to 10.

    Only Hotel With A View

    136 guestrooms including 1 Penthouse (3

    bedrooms), 1 Presidential suite (3 bedrooms), 54 Jayakarta Suites, 39 Executive and 45 Deluxe Rooms. Banquet and function facilities are available for multi-purpose, meetings, wedding, seminar and conventions for up to 1000 participants. Recreation facilities wrapped in a unique shape of open air swimming pool, where you can bring your children to play around on a sand beach atmosphere.


    Jl. Ir. H. Juanda (Dago) 381 A,

    Bandung 40135 Indonesia Tel. (022) 2505888, Fax. (022) 25053888 E-mail: [email protected] 8. How many rooms does Hotel Jayakarta

    have for the guests?

    A. 39 C. 54

    B. 45 D. 136

    9. Which is INCORRECT about the hotel?

    A. There are three bedrooms in Penthouse.

    B. Its function rooms can accomodate

    mailto:[email protected]


    more than one thousand people.

    C. The guests can bring their children on the sandy beach near it.

    D. It provides its guest with an open air swimming pool.

    10. Banquet and function facilities are

    available … The underlined word means

    we can … easily.

    A. find C. refuse

    B. provide D. force

    Read the text and answer questions 11 to 14.

    Dear Irfan,

    I am very glad to write this letter to you. How is your school? Here in Sleman, we are preparing for the Independence Day celebrations. So everbody is very busy.

    First, we are going to have some sports competition. There will be soccer, volleyball and a tug of war competition. The winning team will receive a big goat as a prize. Im going to play in the football and volleyball competitions.

    Then, we are going to have a wayang kerucil show on the night before the Independence Day. The otak is a famous one from Yogyakarta. He will perform all night long. Have you ever seen a wayang kerucil show? It is very entertaining.

    Finally, Im going to attend a flag raising ceremony at school on Independence Day. After that, we will give out prizes to the competition winners.

    What are your plans for the Independence Day celebrations? Please write back and tell me.

    Best regards,


    11. What is the prize for the winners of the

    sports competition?

    A. An amount of money.

    B. A golden trophy.

    C. A new ball.

    D. A big goat.

    12. How many competitions will Joko join?

    A. One. C. Three.

    B. Two. D. Four.

    13. He will perform all night long.

    (paragraph 3). The word He refers to ….

    A. Irfan C. the winner

    B. Joko D. the tokoh

    14. We will give out prizes to …. (paragraph 4)

    What does the underlined word mean?

    A. Receive C. Distribute B. Send D. Buy

    Read the text to answer questions 15 to 17.

    Withdrawing cash with an ATM card

    Steps: 1. Read the direction. 2. Put your card into the slot. 3. Punch in your PIN. 4. When the choices appear, select

    withdrawal from checking. 5. Enter the amount that you want to

    withdraw. 6. When your money appears, remove it. 7. When the machine asks if you are

    finished, press yes. 8. Take out the receipt.

    15. What should you do after inserting your


    A. Press yes.

    B. Enter the PIN. C. Select continue. D. Take the receipt.

    16. What is the text about?

    A. The best way to keep our money safe.

    B. The procedures of saving money in a bank.

    C. The description of an Automatic Teller Machine.

    D. The ways to withdraw money from Automatic Teller Machine.

    17. What do you have to do if you want to

    withdraw again?

    A. Punch in your PIN again and take the



    B. Press NO when the machine asks if

    youre finished. C. Enter the amount that you want to

    draw. D. Remove the money when it appears.

    For numbers 18 to 20, choose the suitable

    words to fill in the blanks.

    Theatre is a place where people entertain

    the audience well. The people who … (18),

    called actors and actresses, act in plays on a

    stage. A … (19) can be raised platform, or it can

    be part of the floor in a room, either in the centre

    of the room or against the wall. The audience

    is very important part of a theatre because it is

    for the audience that actors and actresses act…

    (20), and the playwright writes interestingly.